Lord, help me to not forget You

Lord, help me to not forget You. I want to remember You in everything that I do, like I used to. Somehow, I feel that I've lost focus on You and made myself busy searching for my place, figuring things out, and just...living. I have run, walked, and looked around and got a headache doing... Continue Reading →

Forgotten present

I am sorry, Present. You're a gift I've been taking for granted. I keep thinking about Past and Future, When all I ever have for sure...is you. So at this moment, allow me to remember Who you are.   You are sacred For you are the space in time where God and I meet, Where... Continue Reading →

Wisdom without words

I think wisdom does not only take the form of words. It can also be in silence and in composure. It can be in choosing this and not choosing that. Or in doing this and not doing that. Wisdom is in maintaining joy even when there's no reason to. Or in sustaining peace when things... Continue Reading →

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