Wisdom without words

I think wisdom

does not only take the form of words.

It can also be in silence

and in composure.

It can be in choosing this

and not choosing that.

Or in doing this

and not doing that.

Wisdom is in maintaining joy

even when there’s no reason to.

Or in sustaining peace when things

shake you, push you, or disturb you.

Wisdom is hoping for the good

and letting the bad ones pass.

It is throwing what isn’t good for your soul

and keeping what nourishes it.

Wisdom is in kindness when you’re hated

and in giving when you’re deprived.

It doesn’t make friends for the sake of business

or fame or other selfish intentions.

It keeps friends to turn them into family

and family to turn them into loved ones.

Wisdom is in being here and now,

and in becoming better the next morning.

Wisdom is living with feet on ground’s dust and ashes,

yet with eyes towards the splendor of heaven.

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