Airplane’s window

I could feel pressure in my ears.

Looking out, the airplane’s wing stretched splinting every cloud into two. I could hear and feel the jet engine’s whirring from my seat.

It was nice to be literally above everything.

Lately I was feeling so low, so unworthy to be for anything and have anything. I was feeling small in a huge world, practically insignificant and useless. But I forgot how vast the lands were when I started drawing their shape with my finger. Sometimes, the plane would tilt and blue would fill the whole of my window’s view. The ocean’s blue was strongly darker than the sky’s. The contrast was perfect. Oh, it was sheer beauty before my eyes! I knew it was all raw that I could imagine God crafting each with His hands.


I created this, all for you. What else can’t I do for you?

I felt Him telling me.


What else can’t You do for me?

I asked, but more to myself.


See how far, how wide, how beautiful these things could be. But remember, you are My best creation.

He kept speaking.

See how much you can go further? My breath in you, your life,  gives you an infinity of possibilities. Are you using them? 


Further. Possibilities. Am I using them? 

I asked myself, reflecting on every word.


Fly. Trust Me. 

He promised.

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