IMG_0331Elaine Marie Factor grew up having only the dream of becoming a nun. Both shy and brave, she took a college course she didn’t like that much upon her parents’ prodding — and finished it. Having the religious dream snuffed out of her heart in college, she explored careers that needed skills she thought she was good at. She ventured into writing, leaning on her passion and eagerness to learn. She also enrolled herself in a university to learn more about education and began teaching children.

Elaine is now a happy licensed nurse, creative writer, and teacher. Most days, she passionately guides aspiring authors in writing their memoirs.

Elaine writes for Didache, Didache Youth, Kerygma Magazine, FiSH Magazine, and a travel website.

She is the author of Finding You: A Memoir on Dreams, Detours, and Destiny. and Gentle Words.

E-mail her at, or follow Elaine on Instagram or Facebook account.

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