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Finding You: A Memoir on Dreams, Detours and Destiny

Her dream to become a nun started when she was still a child. But somewhere along the way, Elaine Marie Factor forgot about this dream. Until one day, it resurfaced through a vision.

At 24 years old, Elaine finally decided to enter a religious congregation to fulfill her childhood dream. Besides experiencing overwhelming joys and challenges in the different aspects of her life, she also faced a series of encounters with her true self and her greatest Love. What she gained in the four corners of that convent was way beyond what she had expected.

Based on the journal entries Elaine wrote from her old studydesk to the rickety table in her room at the convent, this memoir will take you on a journey of discovering your greatest call, taking unexpected detours and finding the path to your true destiny.

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Gentle Words

Gentle Words is a collection of free verse poems about life, romance and prayer. Crafted from 2014 to 2018, these poems show the author’s growth as she treads life, experiences romance and says her prayers.

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Scribbling from Memory

Scribbling from Memory is a memoir writing booklet that contains 30% words and 70% ruled pages. This booklet shares rather than instructs, offers rather than provides, and listens rather than tells. Memory speaks stories, and this booklet gives you a perfect space for scribbling them.

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