How blogging helped me improve my writing

I can remember quite vividly the first time I braved the blogging world.

“It’ll push you to make your work better,” my sister, Ate Nikki, said.

So blogging, yeah? Of course, it’d take some courage. I was thinking, people would be reading my writing pieces which I knew weren’t that good. Well, not yet. If I’d show my works to people, what would they say? How would they react? Would they like it? Or would they even react at all?

But I really wanted to become a writer, and I believed that I couldn’t call myself a “legit” one if I won’t publish my works. I was still scared, though. What I did instead was I created a blog on Tumblr and used the pseudo-name “Penny Pauper” which I got from saying “Pen and Paper” over and over again.

EVERYDAY, I would write one or more blog posts. I followed and read other writers’ posts, and learned from them. Some of my posts were totally ignored, but I admit it was encouraging to see my other works getting some likes and re-blogs. I thought that maybe I was doing something right.

I tried to see what made a post better than the others, then I reinforced it. On the side, I would take online writing courses and workshops. Unceasingly, I read books – finishing one then starting another. I’d catch beautifully-constructed sentences or phrases, and write them down in my large green notebook.

Eventually, I gained followers. Some seemed genuinely amused by my posts. They would comment, regularly press the heart button, and message me. Some were following me because, well, they apparently wanted me to follow them back. Haha!

I also joined a couple of websites where writers lurked and shared my works there, hoping to get feedback so I could improve myself. Slowly, I discovered my writing voice. According to most of my readers, my writing style was quite soothing, reassuring and sincere.

I then decided to create another blog on Blogger. Since almost everyone’s on the internet, I desired it to be a haven or somebody’s peaceful place on the virtual world. Finally, I found a good purpose for writing, and that made me feel braver to show my works to a larger audience – even to people I knew. I entitled the blog, Gentle Words.

I admit I never thought “Gentle Words” would also be the title of my second book (though it’s an e-book). And goodness, it’s already my second (next to my memoir, Finding You)! Indeed, writers aren’t born. They’re made. Like all my writing pieces, I also started from scratch.

It’s been four years since I started Gentle Words and now, I can call myself a legitimate writer/author! Yay. Haha. Maaan, it was all God’s grace and hard work. But sharing my work was of huge help to me! So yeah, main point of this piece? Just dive into it. See for yourself what blogging can do for you. GO. Share your works too!

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