Five Interesting Facts About Memoir

The first time I taught Memoir Writing, I had my initial researches in hand which included the wealth of information from a Creative Writing textbook, Memoir Writing guides, actual memoirs, and Google. Still, that heap didn't suffice, for I had an inkling that I was solely looking at the tip of its iceberg. I dug... Continue Reading →

How Blogging Helped Me Improve My Writing

I can remember quite vividly the first time I braved the blogging world. "It'll push you to make your work better," my sister, Ate Nikki, said. So blogging, yeah? Of course, it'd take some courage. I was thinking, people would be reading my writing pieces which I knew weren't that good. Well, not yet. If... Continue Reading →

I Should Go Back There

If you would browse my stack of old, worn-out, messed-up-to-the-last-page journals, you'll see how plenty of check boxes I've drawn in there with the words "write and publish a book" beside them. Month after month, year after year, I would write on the last page of my diary and get a new one. But those... Continue Reading →

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