Goodness, I think I’ve just started a business

I never imagined myself getting a hand on any type of business.

The term “business” used to sound foreign to me. It may run in my blood since my mother’s family used to own businesses, and my parents themselves built one before. But I never explored that world, never attended any seminar about it. I was never interested. I won’t even type b-u-s-i-n-e on Google. Before, I was OK to be an employee my whole life as long as I’ll be earning high enough to build a family.

Nevertheless, I started some sort of business this month. Haha! And just a week ago, I created an FB page and named it Scribblory. Scribblory means scribbling from memory – I invented it (haha!). I offer writing services there – proofreading/editing and memoir writing tutorials. I also promote my books there, as well as the books I edited. I admit it’s a trudge uphill. Starting is so much of a hardwork. I don’t really know what I’m doing. But I keep on getting clients and they are, in a way, my teachers in running this business. Man, things keep improving! I see that there is no other way but up.

Frankly, the discouraging this-might-fail thought entered me but didn’t daunt me. If you think of it, who would want to write a memoir? It has the dark reputation of narcissism, and is usually a painful process. But I believe in the beauty of memoir writing. I can make it work. There is always a way to make things work. And when I can’t find a way, there is always One who does.

Bouts of uncertainty come to me more often, though. The should-I-really-push-this, is-this-for-me, and should-I-start-something-new bombard and confuse me, and they appear to me more strongly when they take an audible form through my parents’ mouthNo matter, my heart’s at peace at the mere sight of Scribblory. I love what I’m doing.

Sometimes, I find myself feeling low and stupid that I’d just pray, “Lord, if You want this to work, I know You’ll help me. If You don’t, I’ll just delete the page and forget it.” Maybe, the prayer stresses God out that He makes sure I’ll get either new students or affirmations or help within the day I utter it. I think He wants to assure me that He is with me on this.

So what I’m saying is if you have a business or any bright idea that keeps you awake at night or puts you in a trance in daytime, seize it. Craft it in a way only you can. Own it. Because really, you’re not gonna know if it’ll work until you start working on it. And hey, you won’t be alone. God never leaves your side.

P.S: Due to my students’ demand (really now, hahaha), I created new packages – Whole Package and Online Memoir Coaching Package. If you’re ready to write your memoir too, you can sign up here! Live well, and write about it!

How Much Packages.png


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