Do you still believe in what you do?

Ever since I opened Scribblory (my writing business), I keep getting this nagging thought of you-don't-have-the-right-to-do-this or you-are-not-good-enough. You see, there is this glaring fact that I have no formal training in writing nor huge accomplishments in the craft save, of course, my dear memoir, Finding You, which has found a seat once in the "Best-Selling Books" shelf,... Continue Reading →

Goodness, I think I just started a business

I never imagined myself getting a hand on any type of business. The term "business" used to sound foreign to me. It may run in my blood since my mother's family used to own businesses, and my parents themselves built one before. But I never explored that world, never attended any seminar about it. I... Continue Reading →

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