Do You Still Believe in What You Do?

Ever since I opened Scribblory (my writing business), I keep getting this nagging thought of you-don't-have-the-right-to-do-this or you-are-not-good-enough. You see, there is this glaring fact that I have no formal training in writing nor any huge accomplishment in the craft save, of course, my dear memoir, Finding You, which has not found a seat in the "Best-Selling Books"... Continue Reading →

Why Physical Beauty Should Matter Less

You might find this question uncomfortable but... Have you seen a dead body? I have. I've learned that once life escapes the human body, it turns stiff. It becomes unresponsive, very unresponsive that it doesn't seem real. The body turns into an object, a mere vessel, an empty place where a person once was. But it's... Continue Reading →

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