What does victory mean?

What does victory really mean? I don't know if you find that question typical. I mean, looking at your written and unwritten list of dreams, isn't this easy to answer? But one afternoon while I was watching the sky from our car, I felt like God asked me what victory means specifically to me. Since... Continue Reading →

Bro. Razi: A Seminarian’s Story Part 2

The rain kept on pounding the roof, but the voice recorder went on. We continued the interview. This time, I asked Bro. Razi how their apostolate works. "Every time I talk to these kids, I think of how young they still are, yet they are already concerned of survival, of earning to live. Childhood was stolen... Continue Reading →

God’s peace in you

I've seen Baybay before the typhoon "Yolanda" marred its beauty. My parents had to work there, and they brought me with them. For weeks, we stayed in some sort of a village near the sea. We had a hostel to inhabit - the one that was walking distance from the shore. Every morning, I would... Continue Reading →

Airplane’s window

I could feel pressure in my ears. Looking out, the airplane's wing stretched splinting every cloud into two. I could hear and feel the jet engine's whirring from my seat. It was nice to be literally above everything. Lately I was feeling so low, so unworthy to be for anything and have anything. I was... Continue Reading →

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