Do you trust Me?

“Do you trust Me?” He asked.

Silence. I rephrased the question in my mind, directing it to myself. Do I trust Him?

“How do I know if I trust You, Lord?” I asked.

There was a short pause. Whether it was for impact or Him thinking quick of an answer, I couldn’t tell.

“When you’re worried about something, remember how you would come to Me and tell Me all about it? And then you’d ask Me to handle it.”

“Yes, Lord.” I smiled. I could see images of those days in my mind quite vividly.

“And every after we finished talking, would you feel relieved?”

“I-I think, yes. Most of the time.”

“And days or weeks after that, would you still find yourself worrying about it?”

“Well…” I found that I couldn’t say yes to this one.

“Did you trust that I was really handling it for you?”


“My child, I created this universe for you. I want you to have a ground to stand on, a sky to look up to, and people to cherish it all with. I am always with you. My eyes are on you every second…”

“I am sorry, Lord. I know…”

“My child, I love you.”

I felt His eyes on me, looking intently. Dearly.

“I love you,” He said again, “More than you know.”

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