What praying teaches me about relationships

There’s something You’re teaching me whenever I pray, Lord.

Coming to You is like entering a place – some sort of a world – which we can call our own. You have captured me, for You made it to be a haven I always want to stay in every day. It’s a peaceful place where I feel loved and accepted despite the trash that I was and the trash that I can be. I go to our place when I’m exhausted, discouraged, and confused, and You make sure that I come out vibrant and new.

My prayers – those minutes and hours I spend with You – make me wonder how I could give back to You. And so You tell me…

You tell me that when two people are together, they make a place or a world of their own. You tell me that the world I create with any person can be similar to how You made ours. You keep on telling me that how You are to me is how I could be to anyone.

Lord, You say that when I love someone, I have to make our world as nourishing as home and not a place with piercing arrows, burning with fire. I could be someone’s resting space, somewhere one can find comfort, encouragement, and strength. I could be a place where one can remember that s/he is beautiful when nobody believes it, or that there’s still beauty when everything’s looking so ugly.

You say that when I come to You, You make me experience You.

And when I come to others, I could somehow be You.

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