A vehicle crash to remember

Warning: Long article ahead. I've told most parts of this 'accident story' countless times, but I desire to preserve the memory of the actual incident here, quite in detail, no matter how traumatic. Perhaps, I'm doing a desensitization, or I just don't want its lessons to disintegrate with time. Here it goes. I woke differently that... Continue Reading →

When you feel like you never get inspired anymore

"Now comes the big question: What are you going to write about? And the equally big answer: Anything you damn well want. Anything at all...as long as you tell the truth." - Stephen King, On Writing I've not been writing as much lately. I want to. No, I desire it. But each time I try,... Continue Reading →

Do you trust Me?

"Do you trust Me?" He asked. Silence. I rephrased the question in my mind, directing it to myself. Do I trust Him? "How do I know if I trust You, Lord?" I asked. There was a short pause. Whether it was for impact or Him thinking quick of an answer, I couldn't tell. "When you're worried... Continue Reading →

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