Why physical beauty should matter less

You might find this question uncomfortable but…

Have you seen a dead body?

I have.

I’ve learned that once life escapes the human body, it turns stiff. It becomes unresponsive that it no longer looks real. The body turns into an object, a mere vessel, an empty place where a person once was. But it’s nowhere near the person who had it. I don’t know, but for me, it is no longer him or her.

I think that’s the main reason death is painful. When it comes, you just know that the person is gone, irreversibly beyond reach. The person then stays solely as an idea, an imagination, a memory. But you see, death – the great equalizer – teaches one very important thing: your soul matters most.

Your pretty or handsome face, your muscular or sexy body, your flawless skin, your shiny hair – all of this makes your vessel or your superficial representation of yourself pleasing to the world’s eyes. But it’s not everything.

Your soul is who you are. When your soul is gone, you’re gone. Where your soul is, that’s where you are. And since it does not die, whatever changes you do with it can stay forever. This means if you spend your whole life beautifying it, you will be beautiful forever.

The question is, if you were to leave your body now and live as a soul, just a soul…how beautiful would you be?

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