Do You Know Your One True Calling?

"You're in another stretch of discernment," the monk was saying, "There's a bigger world outside the convent. Explore your gifts, then see and follow where God is calling you." I was in a silent retreat, and the monk who facilitated it had a one-to-one talk with each of us. Like what most people know, I... Continue Reading →

Batman in a Box

"Mommy, can I play with Batman?" the young boy asked. His neck felt stiff from looking at the Batman in a box - he had his black mask on and his cape was frozen in a flutter behind him. His fists rested on his waist, feet apart. He stood proudly on the shelf. "Remember what... Continue Reading →

Do You Like Yourself?

Do you like yourself? I always translate that question to Do I like Elaine? I know it's weird, but I always take time to leave "I" and "Me" and look at myself as another person. Sometimes, I behold myself as if I'm someone outside of me, another human being. I try to see how I would... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Present

I am sorry, Present. You're a gift I've been taking for granted. I keep thinking about Past and Future, When all I ever have for you. So at this moment, allow me to remember Who you are.   You are sacred For you are the space in time where God and I meet, Where... Continue Reading →

Wisdom Without Words

I notice that wisdom does not only take the form of words.   It can also be in silence and in composure.   It can be in choosing this and not choosing that.   Or in doing this and not doing that.   Wisdom is in maintaining joy even when there's no reason to.  ... Continue Reading →

Why Physical Beauty Should Matter Less

You might find this question uncomfortable but... Have you seen a dead body? I have. I've learned that once life escapes the human body, it turns stiff. It becomes unresponsive, very unresponsive that it doesn't seem real. The body turns into an object, a mere vessel, an empty place where a person once was. But it's... Continue Reading →

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