Airplane’s Window

I could feel pressure in my ears. Looking out, the airplane's wing stretched splinting every cloud into two. I could hear and feel the jet engine's whirring from my seat. It was nice to be literally above everything. Lately I was feeling so low, so unworthy to be for anything and have anything. I was... Continue Reading →


She rushes into her room. Her boots thud, leaving wet shoe marks on the wooden floor. The door slams close quite as loud as the pattering rain. She looks around her, vexed at the beauty and fun embedded in the strokes of the plastered paintings and face sketches, the curve at the end of the... Continue Reading →

I Should Go Back There

If you would browse my stack of old, worn-out, messed-up-to-the-last-page journals, you'll see how plenty of check boxes I've drawn in there with the words "write and publish a book" beside them. Month after month, year after year, I would write on the last page of my diary and get a new one. But those... Continue Reading →

Rainy Day

I can feel You this midday, while the rain hits the roof. The air is thin and cool, yet sometimes it gets breezy that it topples some stuff beside the window. I switch on solely the bulb near the stairwell, and let the rest hide in the gloom. I stay in my room to savor... Continue Reading →

Lord, Help Me to Not Forget You

Lord, help me to not forget You. I want to remember You in everything that I do, like I used to. Somehow, I feel that I've lost focus on You and made myself busy searching for my place, figuring things out, and I have ran, walked, and looked around and got a headache doing... Continue Reading →

Hole in the Ceiling

What if heaven is just a hole-in-the-ceiling away? When I was little, I had a strange dream. In that dream, I woke up and it was midnight. I stepped down the bed, but I don't remember wearing my slippers. So I opened our bedroom's door, and found all lights off as they should be. The... Continue Reading →

Do you trust Me?

"Do you trust Me?" He asked. Silence. I rephrased the question in my mind, directing it to myself. Do I trust Him? "How do I know if I trust You, Lord?" I asked. There was a short pause. Whether it was for impact or Him thinking quick of an answer, I couldn't tell. "When you're worried... Continue Reading →

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