Five reasons you should persevere today

It must be the Christmas air, the ever-mutating virus, the hubbub about next year’s election, the quotidian monotony, and all else personal that are making you feel burdened and demotivated to work today. But the good news is, you’re not alone.

Recently, I asked my writing community, Scribblory Writers Group, the used-to-be casual “how are you?” and their answers were not unexpected but saddening. They were not okay. Some of them were not mentally, emotionally, and physically well. But they’re trying to help themselves, plodding through the hours of every day, hoping to find light along the way.

Since I love these people, I felt like an ember started in me and I wondered how to help them. I realized these are working professionals who pay taxes and bills, and some even have a family to feed. How do they show up at work each day at this state? Can they still think and perform well? Do they drag themselves to their chair, laptop, or office, and just hope for the day to end sooner? How exactly are they helping themselves?

I didn’t have to ask them for answers since, as it turns out, I can ask these questions to myself. How can I show up at work at this state? Can I still think and perform well? Am I just dragging myself to work and hope for the day to end sooner? How exactly am I helping myself? Most days, I wasn’t okay too.

While I tried to find reasons to persevere every day and encourage myself to keep on with the right attitude, intention, and disposition, I discovered words that my friends and working professionals might need to hear (or read) during these gray days:

  1. The people you serve deserve your best.

    You don’t even have to ask why. They deserve your best service inasmuch as you expect quality service from people who serve you–online sellers, couriers, bankers, and you could think of way more. So whoever your clients are, they come to you in need and they trust that you or your company can give it to them.
  2. God has placed you where you are to fulfill a purpose.

    I don’t think God randomly says yes to prayers or allows circumstances to happen to us on a whim. Surely, you are in this job at this certain time for a purpose, and whether that’s for you to realize that you’re in the wrong job or that this is your turf and people or that the love you give to your clients somehow makes a difference to this company, you have to be there and fulfill it.
  3. God works with you.

    You might be expecting that today’s work is going to be heavy for you, but don’t fear nor fret. You don’t have to do this alone. You don’t have to carry this project’s future on your shoulders. Do your part, give your best, and leave what you can’t control to the One who can.
  4. You can do what you ought to if you have the right mindset.

    You might just need a nudge, words or wisdom, or a quality pause. You don’t feel right today because you need to fix something within you. Find everything that you think can help you–music, a cup of coffee, an inspirational video, a page from a book–until your mind and heart are set right. You won’t believe the plethora of studies that show how a good mind makes a good body.
  5. The day will pass and you have the choice to seize it where you are.

    Just show up and do it, and you’ll definitely thank yourself later for choosing to persevere today. Keep your full attention on the task and hours will whiz past you. Remember that however burdened, demotivated, and empty you feel you are, life doesn’t stop for you. Your life is still happening now. Your life story goes on, and it’s up to you how to write it amid the difficult times.

On the flip side, if this day doesn’t seem to be the day you should persevere, then don’t. Follow love’s way all the time–and when you think of love, think not only of your neighbors but of yourself too.

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