Five things the sky wants you to learn

“Pa, what makes the sky blue?” I was looking up at it from the car window while we whizzed past the things underneath it.

“Depth, like the ocean. Infinity,” was Papa’s answer.

When Papa was a young farmhand, he would gaze with awe at the heavens while lying on the flat of a huge boulder every night. “What’s beyond this?” he would wonder. He would allow such vast, starry, upward infinity to dwarf him and bring its mystery to his sleep. He said it is a sight he’ll never be fed up beholding. Until old age, he never tires to marvel at the sky–it never looks the same, anyway.

I’ve once decided to acquire such appreciation for beauty; hence, I always slip a minute or longer each day to have a glimpse of the sky. They say you become what you always look at. And I noticed that most sky-lovers reflect the sky’s calmness in their face. I want that, too.

Through this sky-gazing habit, I’ve learned five lessons which other God’s beautiful creations might not as effectively teach me–and which I now attempt to preserve here and to share with you.

  1. To dream. The sky’s upward limit shows your potential. You can be more, you can be better, and you can achieve higher. It tells you that however big, steep, and scary your dreams are, they are valid–they are not worthy of your shame. The sky reminds you that it is man’s nature to desire greatness, for great is the God who made him. And once human nature itself limits you and you falter amidst your pursuit, remember that you always have the sky to look up to.
  2. To not feel alone. The world is thatched with one dome, one sky, one heaven. It covers all parts of the world. The sky you’re looking at–though different in appearance–is the same sky that your family member abroad lays eyes on. That sun, that moon, and those stars that shine on you are the same bodies of light that reach that loved one whom you so miss. The sky tells you that you are not alone.
  3. To be humble. However high you feel you’ve reached in this life, the sky reminds you that you’ll always–and shall rightfully–remain below it. There will always be Someone and something higher than you, and there are things that will forever be beyond your reach. The sky tells you that no matter how successful you may and have become in this life, never forget to look up.
  4. To hope. You know the motions of nature–the sun rises then sets, the moon rises then sets, rain pours and stops, wind and heat dry it all up. The sky reminds you that everything passes, that things change. After evening, you see the glory of the morning. Dark breaks for light. Rain stops for sunshine. And stars tell you that there will always be beauty that any shadow cannot touch.
  5. To open up. The sky embraces everyone–good and bad, enemy and friend, rich and poor. It tells you to not close your doors to anyone, to try to open up and spread your arms as wide as the sky. It teaches you to outstretch your arms outside your circle and accept more people into your life. The sky tells you that your beauty, your gifts, your grace-filled presence are not made solely for few selected people, but for the world.

Don’t allow your house’s roof to limit you. Open your windows, walk to your terrace, or visit your garden. Do what you can to see the magnificence of the sky…and let it teach you something.

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