Five reasons you should write until finished

You’ve probably noticed the surge of aspiring authors around the world in the recent years. Since the virtual world constantly prompts people to express themselves–What’s on your mind? on Facebook, What’s happening? on Twitter, Write a caption on Instagram, and Write a post on blogs–the tendency to develop a love for words has become almost inevitable. Suddenly, everyone wants to be a writer–and a writer’s ultimate dream is to have an own published book.

Now, there kicks in the challenge of tenacity. By dictionary’s definition, tenacity is “the quality of being tenacious”, and tenacious means “persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired.” According to the 2014 Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest Author survey, out of 9000 writers, 65% declared themselves as aspiring authors, 18% are self-published, 8% are traditionally published, and 6% are pursuing “hybrid careers.” The glaring gap between aspiring authors and published ones might be saying something about writers’ tenacity.

Writers, however, cannot be entirely blamed. It is no piece of cake to conceptualize a book, to dive into the actual writing of the book, and–even more–to finish the book. Self-publication isn’t always cheap, and who knows exactly what publishing houses exactly look for to accept and publish a manuscript?

But then, if you are a passionate writer who is bombarded by your dream to write that book, to concretize a message, and to start a career that involves words, then it is worth the risk. You definitely have to WRITE IT UNTIL FINISHED. Consider these five why’s:

  1. You don’t want to rue it in the future. If you think that you will regret to not finish your book, then help yourself. You can’t grow old and gray then say, “I hope I finished my book when I was younger and my mind was sharper.” Always ask, if you won’t write it now then when? If you’re not the one to write it then who will? No one else can write this book the way you do. Its fate relies on your will, determination, and tenacity.
  2. You don’t want to fail yourself. This is your dream, right? You are gifted with words, time, and desire–everything you need–to fulfill it. Your dream book is within your grasp. In fact, it is just waiting for you. Of course, there will be hurdles, lots of delays, and so much doubt that you just want to scratch it all out. But you will keep on, for your dream will always be bigger than yourself.
  3. You need to accomplish its purpose. There’s a reason that this book idea came to you. Jason Silva, a poetic philosopher, said, “The artist is a conduit for an expression that resonates with something that is greater than him or herself.” Your words are not entirely from you, but from a Greater Force that tells you the world needs this. You are privileged to be chosen by it, and you have the responsibility to see it through until it accomplishes its purpose.
  4. You need to do it for your readers. Thinking that the book has its own God-assigned purpose might be too over-the-head for you, so just think of your target and potential readers. Perhaps, they’re waiting for you to finish the book. If you have what Stephen King calls an “Ideal Reader,” you can think of him/her. Why do you want to write this for him? What do you want to tell him? And what if there’s no better way to tell it all to him than through a book?
  5. You need to do it for your peace of mind. An unfinished book is an unfinished business. Sure, you can just shelve it, throw it, or let it slip into that obliterated place. You can forget that the idea once thrilled your mind, that you once poured your time and efforts into it, that you once dreamed of seeing its spine in a bookstore. But this unfinished book will always be part of you. It will always hold that portion that’ll complete your peace of mind. It will forever remind you of its possibility.

Tenacity is a choice, writer. Surely, you can write until finished. No doubt about that. It’s time to leave the throng of 65%. You deserve to be in the 18% or 8%–and who knows, you might belong in the 6%.

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