Five ways to write good stuff even in bad days

It feels like an impossible task to write good stuff when you’re mad, sad, or tomorrow’s concerns eat you away. “No good fruit comes out of a bad tree,” the Big Book says. Sometimes, you force the words out of you, not minding if you’re being a hypocrite at the moment.

“They won’t notice it, anyway,” you assume.

But readers are smart; they can read between the lines. They know when words are strung out of candor or stealth. And hence, the most beautiful words still come from an honest heart.

Thing is, you’re not a bad tree at all. Storms will try to usurp you, mar you, and take you down. But you’re a good tree, which means you can still bear good fruit. You can still serve your purpose amid any turmoil. You CAN write good stuff even in bad days. Here are five things that might help you:

  1. Breathe and be silent. If possible, assert your solitude. Drop everything and go to your room. When emotions well in you, it helps to find an own space where you can gather yourself, close your eyes, and consciously breathe. Take as much time as you need. Allow silence to fill your being.
  2. Admit what you feel. Find your heart and honestly say its state. Is it disappointed? Is it lonely? Where is this coming from? When did it all start? You can speak it out loud—since you’re alone in your room, anyway—write it down, or tell a friend. Along the way, seek a solution. What will make you feel better? What should be done? Who knows, this could already be the good piece that you want to write about!
  3. Think of your target readers. Now’s the time to go out of yourself. Think of those who are waiting for your words. They might need them now and only you can write them. You have to move forward and use your pain for others to gain. REMEMBER: You are a good tree and no storm can defeat you.
  4. Read good poetry. The idea is you need to warm up before writing. Recall how beautiful a string of words can be and how yours can be as or more beautiful. Rummage your stash of your favorite writing pieces—a notebook of well-written phrases, copies of great poems, sheets of uplifting book quotes, and you-know-what-else. Indulge yourself until you’re amply ready for the last step.
  5. Write good stuff. Serve your purpose, writer. You aren’t gifted with love and skills for writing for nothing. You are made to pour more good words into the world’s fount of literature–because not everyone can, not everyone does, not everyone chooses to.

Write a lot of good stuff, writer. People need more written wisdom in the world—both virtual and real—than you and I know. You’ll even be surprised at how you, yourself, will need your words in the future. So in this bad day, breathe, be silent, admit what you feel, read good poetry, and write. Master the storm.


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