The story of memoir

Memoir is a written narrative of one’s personal experience.

It’s not surprising that most people today do not know what a memoir is when, in fact, there’s been a memoir craze going on since 1940’s.

I think it all began when a discriminated race braved the page with their truth. Through words, they brought people inside their stories, making them see, feel, and experience things the way they did. Easily, they got the people’s empathy. Then sympathy. Eventually, they were set free.

Unfortunately, some people stained the art by writing bad memoirs. They realized that they can use it for fame. Others even wrote hero stories that were proven to be untrue. And then, there was also the question of “false memories”. Soon, memoir gained a dark reputation.

“It’s for narcissists.”

“It is only for famous or influential people.”

“It’s for the dying.”

Before long, nobody wanted to write memoirs anymore. Humans are storytellers by nature, though. The mind is a narrative. However stifled by misconceptions, writers persisted in crafting memoirs; this time, they no longer called them by name (save for packaging purposes). Eventually, people wrote memoirs without them knowing.

So the memoir craze goes on. People now tell their stories through IG and FB captions, blog entries, story snippets, and online poetries. You see, social media is filled with modern memoirists. And you, reader, are one of them.

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